Extracurricular activities

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Teachers'day On this day our students make the holiday for our teachers. From the early morning the students give flowers to the teachers and they congratulate them. The third-year students are the teachers and they have lessons in the classrooms. The teachers and the students sing, dance, do sport and learn together.

1-ST YEAR STUDENT (FRESHER)CRISTENING It is the funniest activity in our school. At first the 1-st year students give promises to be good school members. Their foreheads and faces are stamped with the letter "F'. Then they are tested and they are given a lot of exercises to prove that they may be the students of our school. They answer the questions, sing, dance. The most active student becomes the king among the 1-st year students.

PANCAKE DAY Every spring Pancake Day is celebrated in our school. All the groups of our school prepare food beforehand at home: They fry pancakes and cook other dishes and then at school they lay the table. Two wittiest participators dress up like Kanapinis ir Lashininis. Others are dressed up like devils, witches, Gipsies or Jews. We play different games, dance, ask and solve riddles. Lashininis and Kanapinis fight with each other. The jury appreciate funny masks, answering the questions and taste the dishes. They also give prizes for the funniest masks, congratulate  best dancers and singers. Finnaly all of students burn a dummy "Morė" on the bonfire.